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How to control unwanted noise

Controlling noise is important in many environments. Areas such as churches, gymnasiums, schools and restaurants can suffer from poor acoustics. Poor acoustics can be described as:

-Too much echo

-Mixing of noises creating a "muddying up" effect

-Room being too loud

- Lack of speech intelligibility

When it comes to restaurant acoustics the goal is to improve the sound quality by controlling your levels of unwanted ambient noise. If the noises are allowed to carry in the room, background noise will build to uncomfortable levels and your guests strain to hold a conversation. By placing a series of acoustical panels into your space, the sound wave reflections will be captured and converted back out of the room, restoring the restaurant to premium sound quality.

Panels can be made to almost any specific size, shape and color to match any room.

Call us today and see how we can help control noise in your environment!

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